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"Polish Your Professional Image By Balancing Your Brain With Hidden Images, Increasing Your Intellectual Powers and Creativity With Mind-Mapping, Enhancing Your Mental, Physical and Emotional Performance Through Biorhythms and Using Digital Photography, Audio and Video On Your Websites To Tell Your Unique Story To Your Target Audience"

It's time someone told you the truth!

Ralph Zuranski is your source of valuable information about how to balance your brain hemispheres with hidden images. You can enjoy balancing your brain simply by looking for hidden images in amazing artwork by Stephen Michael Gardner. His incredible, computer generated works of art, are based on nature photography of wolves, tigers, dolphins, bears, eagles, sharks and your other favorite animals.

Ralph teaches you how to increase your intellectual powers and creativity with mind-mapping. Tony Buzan pioneered techniques to integrate your right and left brain hemispheres. The goal is to help them work as a team. He discovered that by using images, words, geometric shapes and linear connections you can create mind-maps that expand your mind and tie your creative ideas into an integrated whole.

You can also dramatically improve your physical health, emotional stability and mental performance by understanding how to use biorhythms to great advantage. Biorhythm awareness helps you optimize your performance in the physical, emotional and intellectual areas of life. 

Ralph Zuranski has been studying and researching biorhythms since 1971. He has worked with professional athletes, teams, coaches and trainers as well as companies and individuals to improve the performance of highly paid athletes and business leaders.

You too can increase your performance in all areas of life when you simply understand how your natural biorhythm cycles affect your life and those around you. When you learn your biorhythm compatibility with the other important people in your family and business life, you have the power to enhance everyone's quality of life.

Ralph was so impressed with the value of biorhythms, he named his right brain personality, Captain Biorhythm. When you understand how to use biorhythms cycles to your maximum advantage, you too will realize biorhythms charts are one of the least expensive methods of achieving self-control and optimal performance.

Ralph loves all forms of photography, especially portraits and group shots. He has photographed many of the leaders in the internet marketing industry and the attendees at their training seminars.

He has been working with computers since 1980. As a seminar, event and party theme website webmaster, Ralph integrates digital photography, audio, video and search engine optimized text into websites so it will be easier for people to tell their unique story to their targeted audience.

The bullet points below briefly explain the services offered by Ralph Zuranski.

Are you ready to take your personal and business potential to your ultimate level of performance?

You can polish your personal power exponentially by:

  1. Learning to be sensitive to your natural physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythm cycles, so you can eliminate disruptive fluctuations while optimizing your performance in all areas of life, thus decreasing mistakes, errors in judgment, accidents and injuries.

  2. Balancing your brain hemispheres by exercising both sides of your brain while you search for hidden animal images  in the amazing artwork of  internationally acclaimed artist, Stephen Michael Gardner.

You can present a more professional image to all potential prospects with a customized website, an E-mail newsletter and E-book that communicates your information instantly, using audio, video and photos.

An  optimized website, E-mail newsletter and E-book that incorporate audio, video and photos are part of the winning formula for your business success, now and even more importantly in the future. When you learn the "Secrets Of How To Be Successful On The Internet," you are in a perfect position to profit financially. You can dominate your niche market by beating your competition to the punch. If you don’t and your competition does, they will prosper while your percentage of market share diminishes.

With the birth of the internet, many people wasted large sums of money on websites.

They rightly believed every business must have a cyber-presence to be competitive now and in the future. Unfortunately, their webmasters did not understand the importance of marketing the websites they created using all the means available.

Few webmasters ever told their clients that marketing was a crucial step for success.

Many were expert designers and internet techies, but were clueless when it came to generating targeted traffic interested in buying the product or service promoted on their websites. The statement in the movie, The Field Of Dreams “Build it, and they will come!” was never true for the internet. Without an intelligent marketing plan, your website is or will be a lonely derelict, lost in cyberspace with few or no visitors.

You Must First Identify and set your goals for your website.

So what do you want your site to do? Here are the questions you must answer before spending one penny of your hard-earned money. Will your website:

  1. Sell products and services

  2. Provide educational and resource materials

  3. Be a simple brochure or huge online catalog

  4. Create a sense of community

  5. Promote a cause dear to your heart or a  political ideology

  6. Generate income for a non-profit organization

The use of mind-maps increase your creativity, productivity and effectiveness dramatically when creating or improving your website.

Mind-maps, interactive outlines and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations increase your understanding of any topic. Click on any of the links below to see and download FREE individual mind-maps that focus on the "Critical Business Information You Need To Know If You Have A Website Or Are Considering Creating One." in the different super-learning formats. 

Mind-Maps Downloads in Adobe PDF formats FREE That Help You Make Crucial Business Decisions Regarding the Creation or Revitalization Of Your Website:

  • Click Here: Website Branding Basics

  • Click Here: Research The Strength and Weakness Of Your Competitors

  • Click Here: How To Qualify Potential Customers

  • Click Here: How To Create an Effective Sales Process.

  • Click Here: Important Steps In the Closing Process

  • Click Here: Critical Legal Issues That Must Be Considered For Branding Your Website

Internet Information and Seminar Websites


Joe Vitale's Spiritual Marketing Super Summit January 14-17, 2004 inspired attendees to use good news and proven techniques to succeed in their online marketing projects.


Bob Silber 's Internet Wealth and Success Seminar December 4-7, 2003 on Hawk's Cay In The Florida Keys Was Awesome.


Armand Morin's Big Seminar In Dallas and San Francisco in 2003 were a great success. The leaders in internet marketing, copywriting and training assembled to improve their internet marketing skills and form relationships with other key individuals.


Ted Ciuba 's How To Get Rich On The Internet Bootcamp in 2003 provided a hands on experience for both the speakers and attendees where they learned how to make a lot of money by marketing products through the internet.


Rhea Perry's Entrepreneur Days Home Business and Internet Marketing conference featured Mark Victor Hansen, the author of the "Chicken Soup For Your Soul" book series.

Learn How to Use Photos, Audio and Video On Your Website


Check Out the In Search Of Heroes Program website


"Ralph Zuranski, a former special feature's writer and photographer for the Coronado Eagle Newspaper, created the In Search Of Heroes™ Program for High School Students in 1992-1993" The entire community of Coronado worked together to help  students discover and develop their own heroic potential. After they believed they could be heroes, they were matched up with mentors to help them identify and interview local heroes. They created articles, newsletters, websites and videos to spread the Good News about neighbors, family members, friends and community residents who were helping others.


What is a Hero or Heroine?

How does one arrive at this exalted position? According to "Big Brain," my talking "Franklin Language Master," the attributes are the same for both sexes. Heroes are individuals admired for their achievements and qualities. They especially demonstrate the courage to conquer fear or despair. Where are the Heroes of today, when the world needs them so desperately?


Are we the audience and the major news media equally responsible for the lack of publicity for Heroes?


Have you ever wondered, "Why is there such a focus on traumatic, violent and frightening events?" Does a steady diet of this material perpetuate fear and despair?


Do we experience a vicarious thrill from the misfortune of others?


Are our senses dulled, ethics corrupted and morals so jaded we require greater quantities of violence and shocking events to stimulate our interest?


I still remember when one murder caused social outrage and community activism!


Too many people today are apprehensive, frightened by things beyond the edges of perception.


They are afraid of many things. Riots, wars, terrorist acts and natural catastrophes are increasing in frequency and intensity.


Physical and emotional abuse, chronic diseases, financial failure affect every family to different degrees.


The consequences of unremitting fear just don't go away by themselves. The quality of life decreases dramatically when all hope is lost. Something positive must be done. A solution is to locate and publicize real-life Heroes in these fearful and perilous times.


The tremendous need for inspiration and positive role models increases exponentially with each horrific act and devastating event.


Experts believe a factor of ten times as much positive stimulus is required to overcome one negative event.


How many people are desirous of reading and seeing uplifting articles about people triumphing over human trials, tribulations and misery?


Are there any real-life Heroes laboring to help solve the immense social and environmental problems facing humanity?


I believe the answer is an emphatic yes! Heroes are everywhere!


They are ordinary people determined to serve and help others; to make the world a better place. Daily, across the face of the earth, people willingly assist family members, friends, and strangers.


They compassionately minister to the injured, poor and sick.


They Help Enthusiastically, Responsibly, Optimistically, Exceptionally and Socially (HEROES), with no fanfare, demand for recognition or public acclaim. These humble people of every race demonstrate the loftiest qualities of humanity.


Hopefully the news media will publish and broadcast these stories. The goals of the program will be to:


Identify and praise local Heroes.


Educate people about Heroes and heroic action.


Inspire young people to want to become Heroes.


Help young writers and photographers develop and perfect their writing skills.


Receive published credit for their writing, art and photo contributions.


Extensive research has proven individuals often meet or exceed their own and other's expectations.


When children envision themselves as Heroes, heroic action is not far behind. Public recognition and concrete rewards for excellence are a wonderful incentive for young people. Every person can benefit by creating a Hero or Heroine within, to help them deal with the difficulties of life.


Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."


The creators of the "In Search Of Heroes Program" have the desire to inspire young children to dream, to imagine themselves Heroes. These people are working hard to create vehicles for the dreams of teenagers to become reality. As in the book "Dune," the dreamers must awaken. People need to believe they can make their dreams for global peace, joy, prosperity and love a universal experience. The heroic example of others is a prerequisite.


"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know; the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." Dr. Albert Schweitzer.


If you want more information about the "In Search Of Heroes Program," contact Ralph Zuranski: 619-866-4764.


"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." Demosthenes


See the photos and videos on the Polish Power Blog


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